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Used by small, medium and large enterprises, SICORAX®
Fixed Assets Register, easy to use, provides you with an
improved administrative and financial productivity.

The principal features of this multi-company,
multi-user and multi-lingual software, will allow you to:


  • Manage an unlimited number of assets and sub

  • Register easily your assets: capture the purchase
    value, then the type and depreciation
    duration, to instantly obtain the monthly and annual depreciation plan.

  • Choose the depreciation type (straight-line,

  • Group the assets by categories, departments and

  • Process asset related transactions such as, sales,
    scraps, revaluation, devaluation, WIP…

  • Have a future outlook of the assets: easily visualize
    the value of your assets as at date specified.

  • Generate depreciation reports by category,
    department and location.

  • Print all assets, the ‘leaseholds’ or the ‘freeholds’.

  • Keep a complete archive of the asset: purchase
    (name of the supplier and supplier invoice number),
    sales (name of the buyer, sales amount and profit or
    loss incurred.)

  • Save and easily access historic data for endless
    number of years.

  • Secure your asset management; once the data has
    been updated, only reversal transactions can modify
    these posted entries. Furthermore, all transactions
    are registered in an audit log.