Sicorax ERM – Assistance Technique Marketing

Your sales turnover is below target, you wish to boost your marketing campaign at low costs?

Uniconsults offers a global Marketing solution, comprising of the following:-

  • Coaching of the Marketing Staff to define the structure and qualification of your existing contacts database, allowing targeted push-mailing operations.(Targeted Contacts)
  • Work session on how to improve reactivity and quality in Customer / Prospect relationship by organizing a direct marketing campaign on the right channel at the right moment
  • Brainstorming session on Product sales talk and the design of a push mail template.
  • The setting up and launching of the first push mailing campaign, consulting on the analysis of the feedback received, and debriefing on key success factors
  • The setting up of the historical record of the correspondences between the client and all the different actors in the company.
  • The working out of a CRM strategy ensuring harmonization of the different processes – Marketing, Sales, Services- regarding the Client.

With our solution, you optimize your direct marketing campaigns by having a unified vision of your actions!

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