Sicorax Enterprise Relationship Management


  • Winning a new customer is 10 times more expensive than keeping one.
  • A satisfied customer is 10 times more likely to be faithful.
  • And it is essential to find new customers.


  • When a customer has a complaint or inquiry, do you have at hand every interaction between this customer with your company ?
  • Is it important for you and your teams to address this customer complaint or inquiry in a timely and professional manner ?
  • When an employee leaves your company, do you have access to the different inward and outward info (email, document, fax, phone,…) he shared with this client ?
  • Your teams, do they have the right tool to allow them to be at their best levels and make the company stand out from your competitors?

With Sicorax® ERM boost the productivity of your business and your entire staff !

                              …And that's only part of the strengths of Sicorax ERM !

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